OXO Living unveils ‘OXO The Residences’ villas in Nyanyi, Bali

Balinese property developer OXO Living has unveiled its latest luxury project OXO The Residences, a boutique collection of 40 neo-luxury villas nestled in the serene locale of Nyanyi, Bali, north of Canggu, a 45-minute drive from Denpasar Airport.

The boutique villa development offers a unique fusion of lush, sleek, contemporary and traditional Balinese design.

Positioned as a new wellness and cultural hub, Nyanyi emerges as a lush green paradise, enticing those yearning for tranquillity on the island. Its allure is amplified by its proximity to Nuanu, a forward-thinking ‘city of the future’ sprawled across a 44-hectare site, featuring a range of cultural, education, hospitality and entertainment facilities including the Luna Beach Club.

Designed by Bali-based German architect Alexis Dornier, OXO The Residences span an impressive 19,045 square metres in total area. The villas come in various configurations, including three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom options, spread across two levels, complemented by a clubhouse, landscaped gardens, BBQ area and a playground, seamlessly blending with the tropical island surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from Bali’s iconic terraced rice fields, each villa is situated on its own plateau, creating a harmonious connection with the natural landscape. The architectural concept reflects simplicity and iconic design elements, featuring lava stone and only five materials reminiscent of Balinese temples.

OXO Living Founder and CEO Johannes Weissenbaeck discusses the project’s significance for the company and for Nyanyi, Bali:

“OXO The Residences represent our most expansive venture in the island, catering especially to Australians who want to live permanently, buy a holiday home or invest in Bali, especially given the recent option to own property here.”

Architect of OXO The Residences, Alexis Dornier, explains that the project is a dialogue with the environment and the Balinese culture:

“By blending local materials and design elements, we have created these villas that resonate with their surroundings, fostering a sense of connection and harmony with Bali.”

With prices starting from AUD 750,000, OXO The Residences showcase a seamless integration of luxury local materials, reflecting the rich architectural heritage of Bali.

Simple and iconic Balinese design

OXO The Residences are a unique luxury blend of modern sophistication and tropical design. Each villa, ranging from 184 to 280 m2, boasts a swimming pool, enticing residents to embrace the tranquil tropical lifestyle of Nyanyi, Bali.

“Our design for this project was born from a blank canvas. We focused on seamlessly integrating circles and rectangles to create open, transparent spaces that meld with gardens, providing residents with a sanctuary of serenity and privacy,” says Dornier.

“The kitchen serves as the focal point, channelling the essence of ancient gathering spaces, prioritising both functionality and tradition.”

OXO The Residences landscape design incorporates native flora to enrich the tropical ambiance while incorporating eco-conscious practices like rainwater harvesting, solar energy, and greywater management.

“We aim to culturally blend in with neighbouring villages, sourcing materials and designing with respect for the local environment and heritage,” he explains.

OXO The Residences villas are located within walking distance to Nyanyi Beach and Nuanu Creative City.

Nuanu, Bali’s Visionary Creative City

Nuanu Creative City epitomises a dynamic community where creators, leaders, and changemakers converge to catalyse positive change. Rooted in an integrated ecosystem, Nuanu features dedicated spaces that centre around education, art & culture, wellness, entertainment and nature-inspired living.

Nuanu city will provide areas of recreation for global multicultural communities and private events, a boutique hotel, world class experiences created with respect and inclusion of local cultural traditions, and creative studios for workshops and art.

Luna Beach Club, recently opened in April to the public, is located cliffside along the stunning coast of Tabanan. It is a place where senses come alive, with premium cuisine, entertainment and design.

“The level of craftsmanship of this project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our respect for the rich architectural legacy of Bali,” Weissenbaeck adds.

“We are confident that OXO The Residences will redefine luxury living in Nyanyi and serve as a beacon for sustainable development and cultural preservation in the region.”

For further information visit www.oxoliving.com